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Tour Summary

Scholarships and Fundraising:

The Glee Club offers multiple opportunities to help provide support for Clubbers wishing to join us on International Tour.

  • The Christmas Variety Show traditionally sells more than 4000 tickets. Glee Clubbers can sell these tickets directly and for each ticket sold, 50% of the proceeds go to that particular Clubber to attend International Tour. Many Glee Clubbers have covered nearly the entire cost of tour through ticket sales.

  • The Les Hale Endowment Fund provides multiple $500 scholarships for Glee Clubbers to attend International Tour.

  • In 2018, the Glee Club was proud to offer more than $45000 in scholarships and support for our members to attend Tour. We anticipate similar support for Tour 2020.

Payment Schedule:

  • $300 to be received 9/30/19 (ticket sales not applicable for this payment)

  • $300 to be received 10/30/19 (ticket sales not applicable for this payment)

  • $1300 to be received 12/15/19

  • Full and final payment (est. $1375) to be received 2/15/2020

Alumni - if you’re joining us, feel free to send the tour registration form electronically. You can simply email the form to Dr. Wiles. The first payment is to be made to the Glee Club directly. All other payments will be made to KI, the tour company. If you’d like to pay the Glee Club online, you can find the first payment on the Glee Club store, which is linked below. Please note that credit card transactions will require a processing fee that the Glee Club cannot absorb (2.9% + 30 cents), so the first payment on the store is $309 rather than $300.