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Tour Summary

Scholarships and Fundraising:

The Glee Club offers multiple opportunities to help provide support for Clubbers wishing to join us on International Tour.

  • The Christmas Variety Show traditionally sells more than 4000 tickets. Glee Clubbers can sell these tickets directly and for each ticket sold, 50% of the proceeds go to that particular Clubber to attend International Tour. Many Glee Clubbers have covered nearly the entire cost of tour through ticket sales.

  • The Les Hale Endowment Fund provides multiple $500 scholarships for Glee Clubbers to attend International Tour.

  • In 2018, the Glee Club was proud to offer more than $45000 in scholarships and support for our members to attend Tour. We anticipate similar support for Tour 2020.

Payment Schedule:

  • $300 to be received 9/30/19 (ticket sales not applicable for this payment)

  • $300 to be received 10/30/19 (ticket sales not applicable for this payment)

  • $1300 to be received 12/15/19

  • Full and final payment (est. $1375) to be received 2/15/2020